The people are undoubtedly a core competency for Metablue Solution. They have industry knowledge and expertise that are critical to the success of the company as it navigates the challenges of being an emerging company.


Ricardo Moura  special_linkedin_png_1393596566.png

Experienced Business Consultant with more than 5000 teaching hours of hundreds of business men and entrepreneurs in the last 15 years in Portugal, in the strategic and business control areas, supporting the projects of almost 100 companies, between 2001 and 2016 in Portugal.
Business Angel and President of the fiscal council of the Business Association of Guarda and also executive president of the Business Angels Club of Guarda, in Portugal. Proven leadership skills, strong commitment to high ethical and professional standards and flexibility in devising proactive responses.
With a degree in Management and postgraduate in Engineering and Management of Technological Innovation. Formerly he held several management positions in areas between Large Distribution, Construction and Business Consulting.


Tiago Andrade  special_linkedin_png_1393596566.png

With a masters in mechanical engineering, Tiago has been envolved in different embedded mechatronic systems to use in education and health, integrating distinct forms of actuation and instrumentation through custom and commercial electronics.
He taught theoretical-practical classes on the course "Instrumentation for Measurement" at FEUP, was invited to give workshops in the area of electronics and he teaches programming of games and applications, as well as robotics to young people between 7 and 17 years old at Happy Code. 
He has been involved in the submission of several applications (e.g.: patent, QREN, Altran prize, ACT by COTEC and BGI-MIT) and in the writing of scientific papers.

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